About LITE Box

LITE Box is brought to you by LITE (Local Investment Toward Employment), a charity creating jobs and supporting community economic development since 1999.

The LITE Box is an economic development project that supports community-minded entrepreneurs and social enterprises operating in Winnipeg’s inner city neighbourhoods.

Our goal is to bring you quality products that have a social impact in Winnipeg. Products support employment of people experiencing barriers to the regular job market, and contribute to the cultural, social, environmental or economic vitality of Winnipeg by creating economic development in our city’s poorest neighbourhoods.

When you enjoy LITE Box, you also:

  • help community-minded entrepreneurs, especially those that may experience barriers to starting a business, and social enterprises (businesses with a social motive) GROW.
  • improve employment in Winnipeg’s inner city.
  • help us develop (amazing!) products by employment-focused social enterprises. We hope you enjoy their product!
  • increase the long-term sustainability of LITE.
  • have the option to include a donation in your purchase (we'll send receipts for these with the box). Thank you!

LITE box will be available for purchase seasonally throughout the year.

Quantities are limited! LITE box may be purchased online or by calling the LITE office.

If you would like to support LITE further and help us create more jobs for those facing barriers to employment, consider making a donation to LITE as well as purchasing your LITE Box!


203-765 Main Street Winnipeg,
MB R2W 3N5
Phone: 204-942-8578
Website: lite.mb.ca

This project made possible with the support of: