Beeproject Apiaries

Led by Chris and Lindsay, Beeproject is a small family business dedicated to pollinator well-being and local food production. In addition to producing Neighborhood Honey, this duo are advocates for urban agriculture and environmental awareness and are educating Winnipeggers on how we can all be involved in protecting our pollinators. Neighbourhood Honey is produced though education, employment and advocacy partnerships with community organizations and local businesses. 

Beeproject cares about the importance of pollinators and we love sharing the wonder of honeybees in our city!  We work towards educating the public, promoting food security and introducing everyone to the amazing honey that the urban setting can provide. Our Neighbourhood Honey is produced in different areas of Winnipeg. The colour and flavour of the honeys differ based on what is blooming in each neighbourhood.

To learn more: 196 Osborne Street and local markets

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