“Community” Tote Bag


“Community” Tote Bag

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Featuring “Community,” designed for LITE by Taylor McArthur, screen-printing by Dreamcatcher Promotions on a tote bag by The Cutting Edge.

“I constructed an idea in my head of what the community might look like had I been coming to LITE to help find employment opportunities.
“A sun rises to show there’s a brand new day to start a change. The sunray lines leading away in longer short dashes symbolize the path to a job or career that can stop and go. Some opportunities may be longer or shorter than others. However, the course is still fundamentally the same.
“Water was an essential aspect of the design. It is often associated with being harmonious, constantly flowing and changing. I wanted to incorporate the waterways of Winnipeg into the design to give a geographical location of where the organization resides.
“The final aspect of the design was adding in the ‘X’s and dots to showcase the multicultural population in which Winnipeg is made up and how diverse the city truly is from arts, food and entertainment.”

Taylor McArthur (Nakota of Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian multimedia artist working with 3D animation, video game design and video.
McArthur can be found on Instagram @tmcarthurart.